About Institute

       The institution is making its all round efforts to provide necessary assistance to students for facilitating their holistic progression. It has been making untiring efforts to realize its vision, goals and mission through strategic action plan, future development plan, effective leadership and participative decision-making process. It is headed by the principal. It has framed its own master plan for future development. The institution promotes and monitors various activities for imparting quality education, all round development of the students and for achieving its vision and mission. It follows many innovative and exemplary practices.


To provide higher education to the pupil of this rural area in minimum expenditure with maximum potential for their multidirectional development.


• To provide knowledge-oriented as well as job-oriented education.
• To develop scientific temper, research culture and human values among the students and the faculty members.
• To carry out community-oriented / applied research work for human development of this region.
• To enable the students by utilising modern techniques and equipments.
• To participate the students in curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular and extension activities.
• To change traditional teaching and learning methods for inter-active teaching-learning techniques with employing interactive teaching and learning techniques for imparting quality higher education.


"To achieve the Academic and Research Excellency in the field of Pharma Education for overall development of the community."


1. To Make available the Pharmacy Courses in our region

2. To establish well equipped laboratories with sophisticated equipment's that enable students to become a skilled and fully experienced.

3. To encourage students to help community health programmes as a part of social responsibility.